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My best traffic exchange, safelist, and auto-responder marketing strategies to help you promote your business opportunities. Includes 250 Dollars In Free Banner Ads & Text Link Ads & Other Ad Goodies!
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Use ProList Exchanges and safelists to effectively promote your business opportunities.

Step one: Empower yourself for success. Create at least three goals: a spiritual goal, a physical goal, and a goal for material  success. For example, here is my material goal: "The next step I take will lead me closer to achieving my goal of earning $4000 per month within the next year." Specify what you want to achieve for each goal to give you a clear target. Now as you remind and meditate upon your goals each day your mind will begin to formulate more detailed plans to reach those goals. Write down and recite your goals daily. Follow your plans.

Step Two
: Maintain positive assumptions about your vehicles for success. Why? because our belief in our actions affects our attitude and our attitude affects our determination to reach our goals. For example, My financial vehicle for financial success is the internet. Here are my assumptions/ actions I believe will lead to my success:

assumption one: For any given day that I advertise there is always someone who may see and decide to invest in my offer. So advertise everyday.

assumption two: If I effectively and daily promote an opportunity that has the potential to reach my financial goals, I will achieve my financial goals.  Now think, what type of opportunity can yield you, for example, 2000 or more dollars per month? What volume of advertising is required to reach this goal?

You must believe that you are worthy of success and that the actions you are taking will help you to achieve your goals. The following affirmation I repeat to myself frequently throughout the day: "I believe I am worthy of success and the actions I take today will help me achieve my goals."

Step Three
: Frequently assess your progress and choose realistic methods or vehicles to reach your goals. For example, will promoting, as your primary program, a free to join program or a program that earns you pennies help you to realistically earn a potential 4000 dollars per month?  In the other extreme, is promoting a program that costs 100's of dollars to join within the means of most internet marketers? The program below, TurboBiz, earns me a respectable 20 dollars per sign-up. TurboBiz builds my list AND it allows me to promote 10 additional programs of my choosing. Finally, it has pre-selected residual income streams in the downline builder. All of these features factored together will enable me to potentially achieve my financial goal of 4k per month.

EasyCash4Ads is another good choice for a primary program. It actually promotes any business opportunity you wish while earning you 10 dollars per sign-up. After your third sign-up it doubles your earning potential and advertising as each new sign-up yields you two more sign-ups. Click the banner below and check out the presentation.

The Easy Cash Phenomenon

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My most responsive safelists~
this is the type of advertising that will give you the most sign-ups. You can't join nor upgrade in everything nor should you. Be a smart marketer-- You do have to spend money to make money, but definitely make more money than you spend.
viralcommissions viraltacotraffic
pifexplosion earnyourupgrade
1ProfitRing twe-safelist
50adaygetsyoupaid bestlistmailer

My most responsive traffic exchanges~
Okay, (breather) traffic exchanges. There are so many and you can't join them all, which is the mistake many seem to attempt to do. The solution: choose 8 popular and or effective traffic exchanges that give you a 1:1 surfing ratio. If you're not at the one-to-one level or getting near level one level results, then plan to upgrade when you can afford it. Good traffic exchanges give you decent exposure even as a free member! Promote ONLY splash pages of your primary business. Add your ONE banner rotator url in the traffic exchanges where possible. Surf at least one solid hour. Guard this time jealously and devote it completely just to surfing. Check the url tracker surfing results regularly. I promote ONE tracked, rotator url in each exchange. If you are getting a poor level of hits, then switch to a more effective TE. Do this surfing routine religiously, daily.

THE very best traffic exchanges according to my stats. Don't trust TE Hoopla, et al. Check the response rates yourself using your EasyCashAdvertisingSystem url tracker. You'll get upwards to 30 plus hits per day from these big boys. Surf high, 30 to 50 plus per exchange daily to build up credits-- this takes time and will only happen if you surf daily. Set the CPD (clicks per day) to 25 if the traffic exchange has this feature. Else, for TEs like clickvoyager, you will need to login daily to assign credits so they don't get all used up. Upgrading is highly recommended in most of these exchanges.
easyhits4u cherylsredhothits
fasttrackhits membersrule
hit2hit trafficg
clickvoyager hotflashhits
beehits webmasterquest

Secondary battalion
~ I use these exchanges to promote my personal pages like this one. If you surf these traffic exchanges regularly at 30 each per day, you will build up credits; however, the traffic you will get from these TEs will be sporadic. Super-surf periodically to maintain credits in all traffic exchanges. However, these TEs are not DEAD exchanges, quite alive, just inconsistent traffic. Good news, no need to upgrade due to the fact that you should have more than enough credits from surfing consistently.
Set the CPD (clicks per day) to 25 if the traffic exchange has this feature-- however, most of these exchanges below won't expend 25 credits anyway.
you2surf vigilan-te
super7surf surfaholicte
coolcathits downlineviraltraffic
newwaysurf trafficspeedway
redstaghits trafficpi
How to get guaranteed TE results every time you surf~ The only way to get guaranteed results every time you surf is to either get sign-ups or something else for your time and effort. That something else you can get every time is guaranteed credits by showing a webpage that gives you credits every time you display it. The webpage I advertise in traffic exchanges is 1ProfitRing. You can also advertise 1ProfitRing on your personal pages. Why do this instead of advertising your primary opportunity? Well, 1ProfitRing does advertise your primary business in a variety of ways to a much wider audience than you could with traffic exchanges alone. Plus, especially if you have personal pages, you are increasing the name brand recognition and "real-estate value" of your own sites, which attracts more 1ProfitRing members to advertise on your page! Each time you display your 1ProfitRing box, the so-called "reall estate value" goes up-- the number of visitors to your webpage.

My most effective and essential advertising tools.
hotlinkcycler~ to test your subject headings. Saves you a lot of time & money.
paradoxcash~ a suite of essential tools, including a free 50K professional auto-responder.
easycashadvertisingsystem~ this has valuable tracking urls that tell you how much traffic you are getting from each advertising source. I use their tracker urls to promote my primary business in TEs and safelists.
vitalviralpro~ I place VVP banner rotator urls in every traffic exchange and place that advertises banners. I promote my primary business here, as well as, the 1ProfitRing banners.
Creating a true VIRAL banner and text ad network

Step 1: The most straightforward way to go viral is to simply place your banner and text ads in every available advertising venue, including safelists and traffic exchanges. Use your easycashadvertisingsystem  banner url rotator where possible to make it easier to manage your baner ads.

Step 2:  Create a sub-system to promote your viral banner and text ad programs. We will do this by promoting 10 of our viral banner and text ad programs through ONE program that will deliver guaranteed clicks! The one program that requires all of its free members to login and click banners in order to receive daily website traffic is Viral Repeat!  So now you know my powerful secret-- I place the ten viral banner and text ad programs below into Viral Repeat. You will need to upgrade your VR account in order to add your ten viral programs; however, as an upgraded member, you will never need to login to click ads!
Recommended Viral Banner and text ad programs~ Add your primary program and additional key programs to these viral programs where appropriate. Click on the links to see examples of how I advertise my key programs. Note the Adland Free Classifieds affiliate page that virally advertises your free ad on 4800 other sites.
banneradearnings adviralizer
adboardz azadboard
viralrotator bannervip
ittybittyads cashinonbanners
adland free classifieds vtrafficrush
Step 3: Now we need to send traffic to your Viral Repeat affiliate url. Your viral programs are already receiving visits from VR members; however, building your VR downline will magnify the process. The auto-pilot programs below will complete your viral banner and text ad system, making it almost completely hands free!
Keep in contact with your downline builders~ If you've been marketing for awhile you may have downlines in several downline builders. Maintain contact in all your contact lists. Treat them like gold and cultivate a positive relationship.
buildabizonline max-downlines
growyourlistandincom alistmailer

These safelists and traffic exchanges updated periodically based on performance and advertising response. Traffic stats come from a variety of sources including vitalviralpro, traffichoopla, easycashadvertising, and paradoxcash.